Arlenis Ruiz

Hola, I'm Arlenis, a sucker for romance and beautiful love stories ... I envision, help plan and truly LOVE making dreams come true!!!
How did I get started in this bizz? Well … 9 years ago, while I was living in London (yes, I like to travel and explore new places), I helped a very dear friend organize her dream destination wedding in Norway (little hammer). A 3-day event with a fun and loving group of friends and family that turned out to be truly magical. I knew from that moment on, that I had found my calling in life!!
A few years later, I found myself looking for a beach-y dreamy place to live and so I landed in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I could have not done it any better. This magical destination offers the type of wedding locations that we all dream about: pristine beaches, mystical cenotes in the middle of the Jungle, old Mexican Haciendas, caves and underground churches, intimate beach front villas … you name it (not to mention the friendly locals, amazing vendors, delicious food and nice warm weather year round)…. It’s not a surprise that couples from all over choose the Mayan Riviera to say their I-do’s.
So where did I get my experience as a wedding planner? Once in Playa del Carmen, I was offered the position of Weddings Manager at Le Reve Hotel & Spa, for 5 years! This is a boutique beachfront hotel specialized in intimate one-of-a-kind weddings. This beautiful location gave me the opportunity to work directly with amazing couples, renowned international planners and some of the best vendors in the area. Together, we brought to life 100+ dream weddings!!
After my son was born in 2013, I wanted to manage my own agenda. So with a portfolio of successful wedding stories done over the course of 5 years, an in-depth understanding of the logistics of the destination wedding industry in Mexico, and some truly incredible work relationships with reliable local vendors, I decided to start my own business as an independent wedding planner.
I found a way to combine my experience in tourism, my love for creating unique tailor made weddings, and my passion for details into a job that I absolutely adore!! Working with amazing clients to help bring their personalities, style and visions to life on one of the most important days of their lives is the best feeling ever.
I like to see every wedding as a new adventure, an opportunity to meet new people and help them create an incredible experience that will remain in the hearts of friends and family for years to come. A truly unforgettable day!!!
I also love thinking of new ways to improve my couples experience, because it shouldn’t all sum up to one day. I want to offer more, something more meaningful, more soulful ... perhaps a little gift that will remind you of a new phase in your lives … I’m working on it….

Interesting facts...

  • From: Caracas, Venezuela
  • Years Living in PDC: 7
  • Number of tailor-made weddings: 100+. Which means 100+ the times that I've cried when bride is walking down the aisle or listening to my couple's vows, or watching their first dance; 3 the number of sisters that I have surprised with a vow renewal ceremony, 0 the number of times that I've caught a bouquet.
  • When I’m not planning weddings, I’m playing with my 3 year old son Adrian (I know all moms say this, but he’s seriously the cutest boy ever) or spending quality time with my hubby, who also happens to be my best friend and strongest supporter.
  • Favorite thing about living in Mexico: lively colors everywhere. I love colors!!
  • Would love to: dance all my life. Be part of an Indian wedding in India.

Destination Weddings

Enjoy the amazing experience of having your dream wedding in a paradisal setting. The white sand beaches and turquoise crystal waters of the Mayan Riviera!.