Le Reve Beach Destination Wedding. Arlenis Ruiz Weddings & Romance

Lisa & Hosein

“The words said over and over again by all friends and family – “Best Wedding EVER!!”We had ~60 guests for a 4 day 3-night wedding vacation at Le Reve Hotel on July 5th, 2014. Guests flew in from LA, SF, the Midwest, Phoenix, China, and Iran. We paid for everyone’s stay and excursions during those 4 days. The buyout of the hotel was amazing. I read through many reviews of Le Reve and thought that yeah it would be nice and the wedding would be fun but did not expect the magic of Arlenis and Le Reve to occur. It is really difficult to fully describe those amazing days without being there.

Every detail, every moment, I wish I can relive over and over. Arlenis not only did her job but really cared about us, like it is her own wedding. Many friends of mine had extravagant weddings themselves and they all agreed this was the best wedding ever.

Jumping into the pool at the end of the wedding party with our clothes on was “one off the bucket list” as quoted by my closest friends. We had welcome dinner Thurs night, excursion Friday and wedding Sat in the pm. The weather was just perfect for each moment. Everyone did not want to leave, did not want it to be over and I am soo glad we chose Le Reve and Arlenis!!!” Lisa & Hosein from Los Angeles, CA, USA

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