Coordination Assistance

Assisting the Bridal Party in preparation for the ceremony

Assuring that the Wedding Timeline is flowing as set out in the itinerary, overseeing throughout the day that everything is running smoothly and on schedule

Greeting vendors, receiving deliveries and instructing on how to setup

Acting as a liaison maintaining communication between the Venue’s Coordinator, Banquet Manager, Vendors, Bridal Party, Parents & Couple

Setting up any details, decorations and favors for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception and ensuring that all items belonging to the Couple, including gifts, are collected at the end of the evening

Communicating cues to banquet team, musicians/entertainers, and Bride & Groom for key moments during the day

Remaining accessible to the Couple and/or Lead Wedding Coordinator during the entire event to help with any situation that needs attending to

Distributing final payments and/or Gratuities to Vendors at the end of the evening

Organizing transportation for guests at the end of the night

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