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Eclectic Jungle Wedding
at Kima Tulum

Eclectic Jungle Wedding at Kima Tulum | M & A

Get ready to be inspired by this Eclectic Jungle Wedding in Kima Tulum, Mexico. Mikala and Andrew's wedding was a unique blend of glamour and the untamed beauty of the jungle, think "Studio 54 meets Jumanji”. The vibe in their own words was glitz, glam & BYOBugspray!


The couple's energy was perfectly captured in the vibrant floral arrangements, which were expertly designed by Dia Uno Floral Studio. The reception was filled with laughter and joy, especially when one of Mikala's bridesmaids, who happens to be a standup comedian in New York (@jordanjensenlolstop), gave a hilarious toast. Mikala said: “It was perfect and hilarious.”

When we asked these two for their feedback, this is what they shared with us

We met in Tulum on vacation in 2017, after knowing each other for 3 days Mikala told Andrew she was going to marry him “100%”. We knew we had to get married in Tulum to bring it back to where it all started.


Honestly, I hate sand, the idea of a beach wedding seemed too much left to the elements! I saw Kima in a wedding magazine, and when we visited it was quite literally a dream come true. Working with Dorothy she was so accommodating and really felt like a family member by the end of it.”

“Planning a wedding while not speaking Spanish & knowing the area is hard. I never thought I would need a wedding planner, but truly I now tell people if you can make room in your budget for one. THANK GOD FOR ARLENIS. Arlenis went above and beyond for us. She also was a wonderful mediator when we would argue about how many disco balls can we afford. Or when I cried over the color of my candle sticks for a week when my order was screwed up, she really was able to bring me back down and refocus on what was important.”

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as a couple?

“The biggest obstacle was definitely Covid 2020. Mikala is an ICU nurse in NYC, and during that time Andrew went from working in an office every day to work from home. During that time Mikala was working nights and Andrew now working from home in our tiny loft apartment with no doors was quite challenging. But we made it work, and eventually, that spring we got a bigger place in Brooklyn.”

What’s your top advice to others planning a destination wedding?

“Oh jeez. Well! My biggest advice is: 1. Get a big-ass villa and stay with your friends! We got a 30-person villa and had 5 days with our closest friends. We picked a holiday weekend so that our friends and family could really enjoy the time they had in Mexico.
2. People will ask you SO many questions. We had so many details on our website covering everything from hotels, transport, and food- but people will still bombard you with questions. So, I sent out an email a few days before the wedding re-explaining everything, and I picked a point-person for ALL questions (my mom who knew the area well). I basically told all the guests to F-off (lol) and ask my mom.”

Talk to us about your wedding style.

“Everyone said I was crazy, but they saw my vision and we spent about 6 months on the dress! They deserve all the credit. The inspo was Vivienne Westwood corset/old Hollywood Marilyn vibes.” Mikala worked with @luxtailorstyle to make her dream vintage dress. 

The look was completed with a beautiful Christopher Kane feathered veil and Manolo Blahnik dark green shoes (that were sometimes replaces by her camo Crocs).

Andrew’s suit had the phrases “Meet in me in Tulum”, their last names merged “Goldchevski” and “Go Birds” (he’s a big Philly Eagle’s fan) custom embroidered in his Indochino suit. He wore Steve Madden loafers.


Photography. Gabri Palmieri | Venue. Kima Tulum | Wedding Flowers. Dia Uno Floral

Hair & MUA. David Friedmann Beauty | Wedding Dress. LuxTailor Style | Shoes. Manolo Blahnik and Crocs

Veil. Christopher Kane | Suit. Indochino | Catering. Ginger Tulum | Gifts. Decor & Gifts | DJ. Uno Audiovisual

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